Therapeutics and one to one

one2onetherapeuticsIt can be quite daunting to step into a yoga class.   Maybe you’ve heard how good it is but you’re nervous?  Not sure that it is for you?  Worried that you won’t keep up, or that your condition will prevent you from enjoying your class?  It’s my aim to create a welcome space for all, but sometimes a tailored approach just for you would work better.

I’m not afraid to explore your condition with you, in person or on Zoom.  I’ll help you find ways to move and breathe more deeply, to shift your energy, and find your way to balance and connection.  I don’t promise you a miracle – but we work together with small steps.  Little by little, step by step we will help you improve.

I find these sessions most beneficial when we work together and have a clear objective in mind. Often my students aren’t exactly clear on what they want so the first session includes a consultation so that I can understand more about what you’re trying to achieve and build your sessions around that. I aim for these sessions to be truly tailored around you and what you’re looking to gain from them, as well as establishing your starting point.

Whatever your overall aims are, one to one sessions are a a great way to feel as if you’re really progressing. I will work with you if you’re suffering from pain, offer programmes to work on between sessions and be available for any questions you might have. The feeling of relief is almost immeasurable once you learn that you don’t have to live with pain and there are ways it can be managed.

And the best thing is – you set the pace. We can meet weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or just a one-off.   I’ll make a recommendation, but it’s up to you.