Rasa Yoga for all ages and abilities

My yoga classes are great for beginners as well as those with therapeutic needs or returners to yoga.   I’m passionate about offering truly inclusive yoga practices that can be adapted for all ages and abilities, and honour the roots of yoga.  I build the poses and practices from the ground up – so there is always a variation that you can do regardless of your experience and ability.  I still weave in challenges for those with more experience.  I teach to balance out the fire and the nectar – so there is gorgeous fusion of soulful flow and powerful form in every class.  Some classes have more of a flow focus and others focus more on form but there’s always a fundamental balance of heart, breath, and alignment.

I teach my classes as a Series, woven around a theme or a peak pose and designed to integrate as varied as possible a practice over 6 – 8 weeks.  It’s ideal to book for the full series so you get the most benefit from your yoga classes.   If there is space, then drop ins may open up. 

Rasa Yoga is a soulful fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, myth, pranayama, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, shadow work, and soul alchemy, created by visionary Sianna Sherman

Photo credit: www.marciaannphotography.co.uk

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9.30am – 10.45am:   Rasa Yoga Rise and Shine Soulful Flow: a dynamic rasa yoga class to get your body moving to start your week. Old Library, Beckenham Place Mansion and live streamed on Zoom on request Term-time only.

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7.15pm-8.30pm:  Rasa Yoga: Soulful Vinyasa

Old Library, Beckenham Place Park Mansion and Zoom

A transformational fusion of form and flow designed to light you up and soothe your soul.  Join me for a life-affirming practice, connecting heart, breath and alignment. You will learn how to embody the principles of yoga, empowering you to feel more balanced, energised and grounded – both on and off the mat. Flowing sequences blend with steady poses, always rooted in clear alignment and integrating patterns of movement with an underlying theme drawn from yoga philosophy and connected back into real life.

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Live in person

9.30am – 10.45am:  – Therapeutic Thursdays Rasa Yoga for Radiant Health:

This is a slower class, more based on the core and incorporating pranayama, an introduction to meditation, and a long deep relaxation. Well suited to beginners and those with a therapeutic need or rehabilitating an injury. Term-time Only

Old Library, Beckenham Place Mansion – and live streamed on Zoom by request

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