A Taste of Rasa Yoga Foundation Day

Sunday 10 September 10am-5pm The Mansion Beckenham Place Park

Join Yoga Teachers Claire Saunders, a Rasa Yoga Certified 200-hour Teacher Trainer, and Annet Richards-Binns, Certified Rasa Yoga Teacher for a jam-packed day of Rasa Yoga.

This Foundation Day will offer you a taste of the experience of Rasa Yoga. What is Rasa Yoga, we hear you ask…

Well, Rasa is a Sanskrit word that means “essence, juice, flavour, nectar and fulfilment of the soul.” Rasa refers to all the different feelings and tastes of life, ‘the full spectrum of human emotion.

Rasa Yoga is a soulful fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, myth, pranayama, meditation, functional anatomy, Tantric yoga philosophy, shadow work, sacred activism, and soul alchemy.

Claire and Annet have been marinated in these teachings for over 10 years combined and this day is just a taste for you to experience a flavour of Rasa Yoga.

This day will include:

  • Mantra and Mudra
  • Movement – an upbeat, Fire practice in the morning, and a sweet, devotional Nectar practice in the afternoon, with a Yoga Nidra to round off the day.
  • An Introduction to Biomechanics – how Rasa Yoga supports your physical wellbeing
  • An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Meditation
  • Rest and Relation with opportunity to be in nature

4 tiers of pricing for this day

Sustain:standard price £108

Support:Community contribution £135

Community:reduced £81

BIPOC:for those who identify as £81