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You can book a class using the schedule below.

To stream your online yoga class, when you book up I will send you a registration message. Just click on the link, download and all you really need is a mat and an internet connection.

Email me if you have any issues booking or logging in.


Yoga is a vital way of achieving and maintaining balance in our sometimes chaotic lives.  I want to help as many people as I can to do that.  One thing that this year and last have shown us, is that when times are tough, many of us are moved to help in whatever way we can. 

I have updated my pricing structure to reflect that, moving to a more honesty based system in which we can accept help if we need it, and give back when we can.  In this way, I hope to improve accessibility to my classes and build upon the sense of community that I feel we already have here at YogaBright. 

There are times in everyone’s life when they need a little help, so please don’t be afraid to take the lower price if it means you can continue to attend classes.  Similarly, there will be times when we want to support others, so please do consider the higher price if you feel that you are in a position to help someone else benefit from classes when they might be struggling financially.

The new structure will have three levels:

COMMUNITY – for those who need a bit of financial support at this time.
SUSTAIN – the regular price for a class.
SUPPORT – for those who can afford a little more to pay for someone to join at the COMMUNITY rate. 

All classes now reflect this new structure.