Neurodiverse Yoga for Teens

WELCOME! This is a collaboration with Laura from Flamingo Yogis which we have been developing over time. We’re both TeenYoga Foundation teachers, and have been friends and colleagues for many years, ever since Laura stepped foot in my yoga class many years ago. I’ve taught her daughter, and she’s taught mine, and we both have a special interest in sharing yoga that is accessible. So, under the pressure cooker of lockdown, we came together to offer live streamed yoga practices for teens with special educational or additional needs. SenZen Yoga was born.

Every Wednesday, in termtime, we have a live streamed zoom class, 5.30-6:15pm. This class will offer accessible practices to help your teen move, stretch, breathe and cope with the pressures of daily life in the 2020’s. As we move through the challenges now of being in really life, this class is shifting and changing a little – so watch this space.

In our culture, teenagers are under pressure like never before.  Exams, friendships, and the every present social media all place teens in a difficult place at a time when their brain is developing at a rate faster than at any time since they were toddlers.  The hormonal system is transitioning to adulthood and they are programmed to let go of their first advisers and supporters and band together in groups as they learn and practice independence.   In the new world of the Covid 19 pandemic, teens are really suffering as they are unable to break out of home and be in these tribes, so more is happening online.  Many are not interacting socially with their peers, or are in a position to focus on school work so the upcoming pressures on them to “catch up” and to readapt to life with a pandemic will be tough. 

Our Yoga classes give them a chance to connect in with themselves, a chance to relax and provide some respite from their daily challenges.

Laura and Claire are available to offer Neurodiverse Yoga for Teens in your school too, just contact us to find out more.

As many of you know, I have done some work with CASPA to offer yoga for young people with autism and for their parents too! It’s a charity that is very close to my heart, and I was delighted to lend my support to their 12 hour Facebook Live fundraiser on 17 February 2021. The link for information is  here.