Pregnancy yoga

pregnancyDuring my first pregnancy, I was training to become a yoga teacher.  I had first-hand experience of the changing needs of my body and emotions, and how yoga helped.

4 days before giving birth, I took a Birthlight pregnancy yoga class and learned the “Golden Thread” breath.  This technique helped me through both my labours.  I was so inspired, I started my Birthlight training after my first birth and I gained my diploma just before I became pregnant for the second time.    I found the adaptations of classical poses, movements, breath and relaxation helped me to stay relaxed during my pregnancy, and kept my body toned ready for birthing.

Pregnancy yoga classes

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise during pregnancy.  It is a safe and gentle way to keep toned and supple, and to get relief from aches and pains. It also prepares you physically, emotionally and psychologically for the demands of child birth.

My pregnancy yoga classes are small, friendly and supportive. This ensures that students get the right attention, with options and alternatives specifically suited to students’ personal pregnancy experience.

Birth workshops

Birthing workshops are a fantastic way for couples to prepare for birth. They work brilliantly alongside more traditional antenatal classes.  It’s a one off workshop and is focused on the practical aspect of birthing rather than the theory.  We explore ways for both parents to relax and identify ways for partners to offer support during all stages of labour.  We practice movements, breath, and birth positions that feel good for you.

I’m a certified Birthlight teacher, having trained with Francoise Barbira Freedman, one of the leading experts worldwide in pregnancy and perinatal Yoga.