Bespoke Personal Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats are all about you. They are about getting away from the daily to-do lists, and taking time out for a few days. When life is busy and demanding, you can feel disconnected. A yoga retreat is designed to help you plug right back in. I organise my retreats around this premise.

While we can’t go away, I am offering bespoke, personal yoga retreats.

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Imagine a space in time dedicated purely to you.   A space dedicated to your own replenishment and to connect deeply with yourself.  A space where you can eat nutritiously, take long luxurious baths, dream and journal. A space with personally designed and delivered yoga practices, and a menu designed just for you.  Because you are worth it. 

If this speaks to you, contact me to set aside some time to discuss how you would like to dedicate time for your soul.  You can still nourish yourself at home, in the midst of this pandemic, by choosing to create a balm for yourself.  Just a few days dedicated to you. 

I’ll be on hand to help you structure your days with yoga and journaling practices, provide nourishing menus and to support you.  

What better time to take a day, a weekend, or a week off,  a staycation to end all staycations…